JSI understands the ongoing need within the paper, pulp, and converting industries to reduce costs while maximizing efficiency and providing a safe work environment.

JSI Winder Equipment & Services

Winder machines and their associated slitters operate under heavy stress due to continuous acceleration and deceleration, not to mention the high speed of the operation. As winding equipment ages, there can be inherent issues such as mechanical play, wear and tear of parts, and leakage of hydraulic oil. It is often difficult to find replacement parts as these parts break down.

JSI offers a host of solutions, including winder audits, optimization services, and machine maintenance, that ensure equipment stays in tip-top shape. These services significantly extend the safety and equipment usability, saving cost and increasing productivity for years to come.

Modernization – Optimization

JSI solutions for winder upgrades will increase equipment service life and improve performance. A variety of ready-made and custom solutions can be utilized to maximize the performance of existing equipment.

Winder Rebuilds

To counter the ever-increasing cost of new machinery, JSI offers a winder-rebuilding service that upgrades existing winders to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new winder.

  • New controls and a new HMI system
  • Control system updates
  • Automatic slitter positioning technology
  • A dual spreader
  • A direct-acting rider roll
  • Auto core feeding and end gluing for capacity improvement
  • Runnability improvements by new sectional rolls
  • A safety system upgrade
Performance Optimization

JSI provides engineered controls systems and software solutions for the paper industry. Automation services from JSI offer performance optimization, products and troubleshooting projects to ensure safety and maximum efficiency of equipment and processes.

Winder cycle time reductions are a cost-effective way to increase throughput, utilizing existing winder equipment to its full potential. Existing automated sequences can be fine-tuned with a methodical approach that combines the PLC controls, hydraulic and pneumatic controls, and the process conditions. Cycle time reductions of even seconds in individual movements and actions within a sequence can yield a significant improvement in winder throughput in a 24-hour period.

Winder Modernization

Capacity can make all the difference in a mill operation. For those who do not want to purchase new machines with larger capacities, JSI offers improvements to existing winders in lieu of such a large commitment. JSI supplies proven upgrades — an option not selected during the initial purchase or a customized solution — to existing winder setups. Upgrades can be made to tail threading, core loading sequences, automatic set change functions, and more. Our winder-specific engineered solutions provide a reliable and cost-effective approach to winders of all manufactures and capacities.

Case Study
  • Scope: Reduce setup time and increase accuracy.
  • JSI Solution: Replace current drive system with new Rockwell Servo system and change out current encoders with new absolute magnetic encoders.
  • Results: JSI reduced setup time from over 4 minutes to under 1 minute

Troubleshooting old and new winder controls and several generations of control technology can be challenging. At times, existing functions and automation are no longer used due to reliability issues, faulty equipment, or faulty sensor technology. Identifying the root cause of these problems and addressing them can return the lost functionality back to operation and increase the overall productivity of the winder.

Program Changes

Process and equipment changes may require program changes for the winder to operate efficiently and safely. Program simulation prior to actual changes provides a solid understanding of the effects of the changes and may be used to reduce the commissioning time of new functions, thus reducing the machine downtime.

Controls Modernization

Obsolete sensor and control technology is a common issue with outdated winders. This can cause challenges with component support and spare part availability. A controlled component change identifies the existing components, their capabilities, and their desired functionality. At times, compatibility issues can arise with safety PLC and new sensor technology. A methodical approach to the sensor replacement can be used to prevent these kinds of issues. Newer sensor technology also may increase the control accuracy and winder capability.

Winder Products/Spare Parts

Whether the answer is to replace a part or to rebuild a machine entirely, JSI’s in-house engineering team designs and manufactures customer solutions that are tailor-made for any operation of any size or budget.

JSI is committed to supplying equal or superior quality spare parts to customers. If the needed part is no longer available, JSI’s engineering team can reverse engineer the part.

Winder Products

JSI supplies a wide array of spare parts, equipment, and customized solutions:

  • Back Stands
  • Rider rolls
  • Sectional rolls
  • Spreader rolls and guide rolls
  • Winding heads and spare parts
  • Core Chucks
  • Tail Threaders
  • Splice Guard
  • Roll cradle
  • Nip Guards
  • Brake systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Electrical