JSI takes pride in developing strong and committed professional relationships with our clients. Here are just a few comments from our satisfied clients.


JSI Maintenance Agreement

“We have been using JSI’s winder consulting services for over 2 years now at a large Southeastern U.S. paper mill, and we are very happy with the results. JSI has brought competent, experienced people to provide thorough troubleshooting of our electrical and mechanical winder issues. As a result, we have entered into a maintenance agreement with JSI on both of our winders to assist us in maintaining electrical and mechanical reliability.

“The experience, knowledge, and desire to be involved on the part of the JSI consultants allows us to become much better at identifying and solving winder-related problems before these problems impact production. Before JSI, we usually had one to two visits annually from the winder OEM to help us maintain our winders. Multiple visits provided through the JSI Winder Maintenance Agreement have proven to be far more effective from both a reliability and cost standpoint. JSI has taken an ownership role and has been able to identify problems, develop effective repair options, and at times actually make the repair themselves at a fraction of the cost of the repair options offered by the OEM. We look forward to continuing this program with JSI.”

Client in the Southeast, Sr. Reliability Engineer

Accu–Slit by JSI

“The biggest improvement with the Accu-Slit System is the consistent roll width. The slit edge quality on our rolls have seen a significant improvement as well.”

Client in the Northwest, Assistant Superintendent

Accu–Set by JSI

“Training a winder operator on slitter set-up has been almost a ‘non-event.’ What used to take months to train on depth setting, side load pressure, and more has been removed because it is set up the same way every time. In addition, we have seen a cost savings in blade regrinds from the previous year.”

Client in the Northwest, Assistant Superintendent