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JSI was founded in 2002 with the goal to innovate paper manufacturing and make improvements in every facet of the industry.

About JSI

In 2002, Joe Solberg and Aaron Bloy discovered that they had a common goal: to innovate paper manufacturing and make improvements in every facet of the industry. Eager to build on existing products and practices, Solberg and Bloy founded JSI and immediately began developing solutions for paper manufacturers based on their 40-plus years of experience in the industry.

Just one year before, in 2001, Solberg and Bloy opened Spare Parts Specialists, JSI’s sister company. Spare Parts Specialists provides engineering and manufacturing support to JSI’s clients. From the JSI Platinum Series Holder to custom machine projects, SPS has a wide range of experience that consistently brings new and innovative ideas to our clients, no matter how big or small the project.

JSI quickly built a reputation as a world leader in paper manufacturing, particularly in production improvements and operational safety. The company has made tremendous strides in developing and delivering many innovations that improve the throughput of paper mills, including the Slitter Solution Program , the Accu-Slit System , and comprehensive safety audits.

Today, JSI is headquartered in Georgia and operates six regional maintenance facilities across the United States. JSI has also built an international network of partnerships that address any need in the paper manufacturing industry using the best available options.

Our Team

Joe Solberg


Aaron Bloy

Co-founder, President
Chief Technical Officer

Jerry Kinnan

Project/Service Manager

Dionna Yohr

Director of Sales

David Zimmerman

Winder Specialist

Toni Niemenpaa

Winder Specialist

Mika Makinen

Winder Specialist

Dave Carlson

Regional Sales/Service Manager
GA, FL, South AL, South Carolina

Nathan Krasuna

Regional Sales/Service Manager
North AL, TN, NC, VA, KY, IN, OH

Joe Gamrat

Regional Sales/Service Manager

Kyle Newman

Regional Sales/Service Manager

Jarrod Parker

Customer Service/
Order Management

Jose’ Rivera

National Sales/Service Specialist
Paper Tape Division

Lizzie Bloy