At JSI we customize Winder Service Agreements, built specific for each winder, with our customers’ goals in mind.


Our services can be performed on demand or as a comprehensive Winder Service Agreement. Whether it's safety, reliability, or overall performance, JSI has you covered!

Winder Audits

JSI’s Mechanical Winder Audits consist of a thorough examination of the winder, performed by one of our winder specialists. Our Mechanical Audits provide detailed information on the condition of the electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical components. Once the audit is complete, the client receives a baseline condition report, along with JSI’s recommendations to improve winder capacity, reliability, and operational preventive maintenance.

Winder Alignment

JSI’s winder alignment service is a winder-specific alignment visit that addresses the need for installation configuration on rebuild projects. Corrective measures can be included in the package, or the alignment check can be conducted in cooperation with the mill assets for corrective work.

Winder-specific alignments include:

  • Develop a coordinate system for alignment and adjustments.
  • Provide assistance during equipment adjustments as needed.
  • Provide an as found and as left report of all equipment measured and adjustments made.
  • Use a state-of-the-art Precision Laser tracking station for accurate data measuring.
Winder Maintenance Service Program

JSI’s maintenance service agreements are part of a customized preventive maintenance program. Under our maintenance agreements, each client is assigned a dedicated winder specialist who serves as the service contact point for the mill. This winder specialist conducts inspections, identifies

winder problem areas, and follows up with a fully developed action plan through JSI’s Maintenance Planning Table. This action plan reduces unscheduled shutdowns by correcting problem areas in their early stages.

Maintenance agreements provide:
  • A program “customized” to the mill that focuses on most-needed services
  • A single-source, fully dedicated winder specialist
  • Pre-set service visits throughout the life of the contract, to include phone and email support
  • Assistance with preventive maintenance and maintenance planning for shutdowns
  • Rapid response time to production problems
  • Full winder audits at the initial first visit
  • Hands-on mill operator training
  • Recommendation for spare parts purchases and modernization points
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

Not interested in a full Winder Maintenance Program? Consider our Winder Virtual Trouble Shooting Program. For a low monthly cost, you will have access to our winder specialists through our Help Desk, Zoom, Team Meetings, email, and phone support. We will commit an allotted number of hours “virtually” to your plant. Our specialist will follow up with a written report, with recommendations.

Onsite and Virtual Winder Support

Troubleshooting old and new winder controls and several generations of control technology can be challenging. At times, existing functions and automation are no longer used due to reliability issues, faulty equipment, or faulty sensor technology. Identifying the root cause of these problems and addressing them can return the lost functionality back to operation and increase the overall productivity of the winder.

Whether you’re in need of a second pair of eyes or hands, JSI winder specialists are available for onsite trouble shooting calls and will work, hands on, with operators to solve and fix the problem that is occurring within the winder.

Not interested in a full Winder Maintenance Program or budget constraints prevent from having our specialists on site? Consider our Winder Virtual Troubleshooting Program. For a low monthly cost, you will have access to our winder specialists through our Help Desk, Zoom, Team Meetings, email, and phone support. We will commit an allotted number of hours “virtually” to your plant. Our specialist will follow-up with a written report, with recommendations.

Winder Maintenance Training
(TNTS – Torque, Nip, Tension and Speed)

Torque, Nip, Tension and Speed are all controllable attributes for successful roll building. This training was developed for winder operators with the aim of generating better customer rolls, increasing winder runnability and reducing waste product. TNTS training can also be useful for maintenance and management in understanding the challenges and opportunities on the winder.

Our experienced winder specialist conducts the training session in a classroom setting and focuses on mill-specific equipment.

Who should attend? This class is designed for mill maintenance and operation personnel. Also, this is an ideal opportunity for anyone needing to increase his or her knowledge on TNTS.

JSI Slitter Solutions Program (SSP)

The Problem:
Ensuring optimal slitting performance is a combination of several factors:
  • The condition of slitter equipment
  • Operator skill
  • Blade and band quality
  • Sharpening quality

If any factors are not functioning properly, it can result in a shortened slitter life and excessive downtime for slitter changes and return roll due to dusting and rough edges. Managing this process can be costly and time consuming.

The Solution:

The Slitter Solution Program (SSP) is a comprehensive solution configured specifically for your slitter section needs. The SSP will help your mill control the slitting process, extending blade life and band change intervals while improving roll quality. Implementing SSP by JSI will help decrease maintenance costs and increase efficiency.

Precision Grinding:
  • Super finishing creates the sharpest edge available in the industry on new and sharpened top slitters and bottom bands. All have OEM specification or customer-supplied specifications.
  • Superior cut quality and improved roll quality
  • Increased blade and band life and minimal slitter dusting
  • Safety coating for edge protection and worker safety
Inventory Management:
  • Replace blades and bands of the highest-quality tungsten carbide and powdered metal once the existing blades reach the end of their useful life
  • Bi-weekly pick-up and delivery service from one of our six service center locations throughout the United States
Support Services:
  • JSI’s experienced team provides ongoing consulting of the slitting process to improve cut quality and blade life. As your partner, JSI will continuously evaluate operating conditions, procedures, and maintenance practices to help decrease maintenance cost and increase efficiency.
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Operations and maintenance support
  • Emergency onsite visit by a JSI Technical Field Service Rep within 24 hours of the initial call
  • One price “all inclusive” monthly package invoicing
Turn-Up Tape Preventive Maintenance Service and Products

Routine equipment maintenance and inspections will improve your turn-up equipment reliability.

  • Inspection and overhaul of the turn-up tape machine track
  • Replacement of minor wear parts on the turn-up unit
  • Spare parts inventory check
  • System operation check and tuning
  • Maintenance contracts available
  • New Automatic and Manual Systems Turn-Up Tape & Systems
  • Heavy Duty, Standard Brown & White Tapes- Paper Mills
  • Bale Strapping – Pulp Mill
Slitter Section Audits:
  • Scheduled service visits by a JSI Field Service Technician, to include hands-on and visual inspection of the slitter section
Technical Operator Training:
  • Safe and proper handling techniques of the slitter blades and bands
  • How to properly set up top slitters and bottom bands to avoid a slitter “crash”
  • Holder geometry, including blade angle and cant angle
  • How to use set-up gauges
  • Slitter section troubleshooting
  • Classes performed at the machine or in the classroom
Maintenance Shutdown Services

JSI offers a full range of on-site services, from machine installation to on-site rebuilds or working with your maintenance team, during the annual or daily outages.

  • Maintenance Shutdowns
  • Machine Rebuilds
  • Equipment Installation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Annual Shutdowns
Others Service Provided
  • Hydraulic Services
  • Reverse Engineering