Safety is critical for JSI and its partners. Whether we are working in our facility, assisting a customer at a job site, or providing a risk assessment, the safety of everyone involved is of the utmost importance.

JSI Safety Mission Statement

The safety and health of JSI is the company’s top priority! No employee will be required to do a job that they consider unsafe. JSI will comply with all applicable OSHA workplace safety and health requirements and maintain occupational safety and health standards that equal or exceed the best practices in our industry. JSI has been working with papermill industries around the globe and has applied this experience to build a safety plan that encompasses mill-specific guidelines, OSHA, and state governance.

Our two main goals are simple: zero accidents and injuries! We do this by conducting routine safety and health inspections that eliminate unsafe working conditions, control health hazards, and comply with all applicable OSHA safety and health requirements. All employees are trained on papermill hazards during initial hire and on an annual refresher basis. In addition, JSI has established a safety committee whose responsibilities are to identify hazards with unsafe work practices, risk mitigation, and removing obstacles for accident prevention. Our goal is to provide a relentless focus on a safe culture with a safe management system that gives all our clients the best, safest service possible!

All winder safety upgrades start with a need to identify the risks that are present in the process during operation of your specific winder. JSI takes these risk assessments very seriously and employs a TUV Certified safety expert to complete all risk assessments. These risk assessments typically take one to two days on site and include a detailed report including photos and charts listing all the risks that are present along with a severity rating for each one identified. Once the assessment is complete, JSI will come back to the site to share this information with the mill safety team. After that meeting, JSI develops a comprehensive plan to address all the identified risks.

JSI has many options to mitigate risks on your winder. Options include mechanical or electrical solutions or a combination of both to reduce or eliminate your machine risks for your employees. Mechanical, machine-specific solutions include perimeter safety fencing, safety doors and latches, custom fabricated guarding, automatic threading devices, and manual lock out devices. Control-PLC solutions may include Safety PLCs, Cat 3 switches and relays, safety contactors, laser scanners, and light curtains. After the solutions are implemented, a safety validation is then performed to assure everything is working as planned. JSI has the knowledge and expertise to complete any safety upgrade, large and small.

Winder Risk Assessment (TUV Certified)

JSI offers risk assessment audits for existing winders, formulated to identify existing safety hazards. In cooperation with the customer’s own safety and risk management guidelines and practices, JSI creates a clear picture of the situation on the mill floor and offers solutions to minimize risk and solve problems before they begin.

Initial Assessment
  • Detailed on-site visit, report based off certified standards
  • Production line Safety Zones identified
  • Identified Risks and Severity
Design & Implementation
  • Mechanical Guarding
  • Electrical Safety Equipment
  • Safety Programming
  • Onsite Start-up
  • Testing of Implemented Safety
Safety Products

JSI offers a wide array of safety products to mitigate risk and safety concerns as much as possible.

Products include:

  • Safety Fencing
  • Laser Scanners
  • Light Curtains
  • Safety PLC-Logic
  • Cat 3 Safety Contactors, Switches
  • Mechanical Guarding
  • Threading devices
  • Slitter Guarding