JSI understands the ongoing need within the paper, pulp, and converting industries to reduce costs while maximizing efficiency and providing a safe work environment.

U.S. Made Turn-Up Tape Products

JSI is now bringing you the best in Turn Up Tape and Turn Up Systems from our partners at MA Industries. We’re bringing you the best in quality from MA with all of the perks of JSI maintenance to improve the throughput of paper mills.

U.S. Made Turn-Up Tape Products

Reel Turn-Up Tape

MA Industries and JSI are committed to providing you with the most economical and reliable turn-up tape and service in the market today. In keeping with our motto, “Quality Products Through Creative Research,” our commitment to excellence for all our repulpable paper products has not been compromised.

Some of the MA Industries & JSI Turn-Up Tape advantages & features are as follows:
  • MADE IN AMERICA! Turn-Up Tapes and Systems. All tapes 100% repulpable!
  • FDA LETTERS AVAILABLE! All repulpable paper band products manufactured with Domestic Kraft.
  • DEDICATED SERVICE TEAM! JSI has highly qualified service technicians with more than 40 years combined experience for servicing all brands of turn-up systems.
  • SAFETY DATA SHEETS AVAILABLE! Free of hazardous chemicals.
  • MAINTAIN LARGE INVENTORIES! So you don’t have to.
  • Each roll is in a moisture-resistant plastic pouch.
  • STANDARD 6 1/2” CORE!
  • SHIPPED FACTORY DIRECT! Not from brokers of foreign-made products.
  • STRAIGHTER TURN-UP TAPE! We’ve developed a technique which keeps our product straighter and with higher tensile strength than other products
Turn-Up Tape Preventive Maintenance Service & Products

Routine equipment maintenance and inspections will improve your turn-up equipment reliability.

  • Inspection and overhaul of the turn-up tape machine track
  • Replacement of minor wear parts on the turn-up unit
  • Spare parts inventory check
  • System operation check and tuning
  • Maintenance contracts available

Advantages of MA Industries Turn-Up Systems by JSI

  • • DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE U.S.: Heavy duty system designed for longevity.
  • WEAR POINTS: Designed to reduce maintenance cost.
  • DESIGNED TO BE OPERATOR FRIENDLY! Easy touch screen operator interface program
  • PATENTED CAM FEED SYSTEM: Reduces the number of moving parts used to feed tape into the nip.
  • PATENTED ALUMINUM TRACK: Never needs replacing. Allows vertical delivery of tape, which reduces sheet marking and wrinkling.
  • • COMPLETELY ENCLOSED TRACK: Keeps out dust, debris and moisture that can cause tape contamination.
  • STAINLESS STEEL COVERS & FASTENERS! For protecting critical parts in a harsh environment.
  • SAFETY & HOUSEKEEPING! System is designed with safety and housekeeping in mind.
  • UNDERWRITER LABORATORIES SEAL! Built to meet UL requirements. Seal available where required. Available CE certified

All of our turn-up tape right here in the United States, the only product fully manufactured in the U.S.A.